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Fiona Lau
Tony Wong

Engineer team

Systems Architect

To me, every day at SHOPLINE is challenging. It is all about growing personally and with the team as a whole. Sustainable growth is the key for us to meet customers’ requests, challenges and bring even better products!

SHOPLINE has a very flat structure. Even for CEO and COO, they don’t have their own rooms, team heads are not assigned to a specific seat. We all sit together to discuss our opinions on different projects. We strive to bring together our ideas and develop a truly awesome product for our users!

As a systems architect, aside from working on codes every day, we also need to communicate with team members to make sure that our product development plans are feasible, and the completed codes are bug-free. At SHOPLINE, we strive to find top-notch engineers to work together; but more importantly we want to let engineers explore what they are best at, and further shape them into engineering elites.

Product team

Product Manager

My attitude towards work is to embrace challenges, stay curious and dig into all sorts of tasks, whether it is about development, process or work partners... My main mission is to help our team to understand the goal ahead and provide them with effective ways to work.

Liveliness and positive vibes are all around SHOPLINE! All your thoughts and practices are new trials, and we are not afraid of facing any challenges! SHOPLINE offers you a huge stage to raise your thoughts and suggestions. As long as these are good ideas, there is a chance that they will be taken into consideration. We won’t be restricted to voice out. Communication and interaction are always welcome here.

The product team has to make sure that our product is released and features are used effectively in every stage. Other than focusing on product, we also value communication, user feedback, time management and development guidance. Of course we also need to ensure the quality of our product and ensure the smooth work flow at all times. Nevertheless, we strive hard to make everyone happy while working! This is PM Team!

Customer Success team

Customer Success Manager

We face various questions every day and we try our best to offer solutions. Aside from questions regarding platform operations, we also hope to be their partners in running online shops!

Our Customer Success Associates are well-trained to solve customers’ problems and to think about different situations merchants may face. The team is like a stage where every colleague has their place to shine. Whether you are good at dealing with serious issues or you like to express yourself, you will always find the best spot here at SHOPLINE. We can raise opinions and thoughts about job duties or products, or even talk to the PIC of different departments directly.

The Customer Success team does not only end at solving merchant problems, but it also acts as a bridge between customers and SHOPLINE. We hope to optimize our solutions by constantly understanding and solving merchants’ different issues, and thus, to bring an even better and more convenient product, and ultimately becoming merchants’ strongest support.

Sales team

Sales Manager

Working at SHOPLINE is like starting your own business- you will have never-ending passion and motivation, pushing yourself to do even better!

Flat management structure and open work environment enables every colleague to have a clear career development path, so you will have a clear direction about your own career life too. As such, other than skill sets that you can learn from different positions, the sense of accomplishment is the core value of SHOPLINEers.

Our team mainly focuses on helping B2B, B2C or other merchants to get into the online market. We offer consultations and 1:1 tutorials to help them to understand different functions of SHOPLINE. As a professional e-commerce consultant, we have to have wide range of knowledge from data analysis to marketing.

Other excellent team members

General Manager Hong Kong

There is something new to learn here every day, and I can feel the growth of myself as well. Every day is a new day to learn more and do better than yesterday.

Business Development team

SHOPLINE encourages everyone to express their own thoughts, everyone has the same right to voice out. There are no hierarchy or level of seniority here. Every member is growing with the company, and the company will assign tasks and make future career plans according to a member’s strengths.

Business Development Team is responsible for new business plans and development, so we have to think out of the box and solve problems from different angles. We are also concerned about how merchants are operating, and hope to help merchants to grow even bigger and better.

Marketing Manager

In SHOPLINE, there are various challenges and opportunities for us to learn and evolve. More importantly, there is a group of passionate partners to support you on the go, making it feel like passing stages and defeating bosses in video games!

Marketing team

“How to make things even better” is the daily thought working here at SHOPLINE. With an open environment, we embrace different opinions and voices, ultimately finding the best solution through brainstorming.

Marketing team is like the makeup artist of SHOPLINE, we create SHOPLINE’s brand image and style from online to offline, letting more people know what SHOPLINE is.

Human Resources Manager

The new startup environment is changing very fast. In order to keep up with the changes, SHOPLINE has a very flat organization. As long as the idea is great, no matter who proposes the idea, it is very likely to be established quickly. In terms of SHOPLINE’s attitude towards work, we opt to “make things better” first, and “become perfect” next!

Human Resources team

We hope to create an environment to encourage colleagues to devote themselves to work. To achieve this goal, we actively look for excellent, smart and respective partners. At the same time, we care a lot about whether colleagues are happy working here or not. We believe that happiness at work, effective communication, cooperation and innovation are the keys to make SHOPLINE better.

Our main tasks are to help the company to build up Talent, Culture and Leadership. Different from traditional human resources, what we do here is to see human as the target of investment, and to evaluate the relationship between our input and colleague’s output. We want to improve our team’s competitiveness and raise company value through reasonable adjustments, training, encouragements and culture building.

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