The easiest ecommerce solution in Asia

No coding required, launch an online shop in minutes.
SHOPLINE is used by amazing and successful merchants all over Asia.
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Quickest way to launch a full featured online shop

Finding the right talent to help you launch an online store is difficult and expensive. What would normally take months of development and thousands of dollars in cost can now be achieved in a few minutes and at fraction of the cost.
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Localised platform for Merchants in Asia

The needs for e-commerce in Asia are vastly different from those in the West.
SHOPLINE provides with you all the features you need to succeed online and to drive maximum sales for your business.
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Language support

The entire platform is available in English. Both the admin dashboard and the shops have multilingual support.
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Payment Options

Our system has integrated the most popular payment methods in Asia. This allows you to start receiving payments from your customers immediately.
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Logistics integration

Local logistics methods are available. Get your product in the hands of your customers in an easy and seamless manner.
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Local merchant support

Our team in Asia provides best-in-class customer support for our merchants. We understand the way business is done in here and our team is available to answer your questions.
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Ecommerce features that fit

SHOPLINE includes all common features for Asia. Everything from order management to marketing tools fits Asian merchants.
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Domestic domains

All merchants using SHOPLINE has the opportunity to register domestic web addresses such as .hk/.tw as well as internationally recognised domain names like .com, .net or .co.
Large selection of diverse designs for merchants to pick from. Our templates are created by award winning designers, with reactive design to cater to a variety of businesses.
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Full Featured Admin Panel

Customise and manage your shop and customers on any device
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What our customers are saying about us

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The ease and convenience when working with many products is one of my favorite things about SHOPLINE. Their customer service is also amazing, they respond and solve many issues quickly!

Daddi, Owner

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SHOPLINE’s admin panel is very easy to use with all the needed features of an E-commerce business, but what I really appreciate the most is SHOPLINE’s educational support to merchants! SHOPLINE’s online blog and offline workshops continue to help us improve our E-commerce knowledge.

Sam, Owner

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SHOPLINE works incredibly smoothly. Any suggestions or comments made by the merchants are also taken into account and are implemented. SHOPLINE is continuously improving with more and more features and improvements!

Stan, Owner

SHOPLINE has a drag-n-drop webpage builder that allows you to create standalone pages within your website. It supports image carousels, YouTube videos, and Facebook Like box, and many more. This is great for promotions or just to share your story.
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All sites are 100% mobile optimised

SHOPLINE focuses on user experience for your customers. All shops created with SHOPLINE are fully optimised for mobile devices. Your customers can browse and buy from your shop easily on mobile.
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Unlike other platforms, SHOPLINE does not charge a transaction fee when your customers buys from you. That means you keep all the proceeds from every sale you make.
no transaction fees and hidden charges

Silicon Valley Standards

SHOPLINE was founded by an international team with technology and business experience from New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2014, the team was selected to join the 500 Startups accelerator program in Silicon Valley. This gives SHOPLINE support and backing from a global network of technology providers and partners.
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How can SHOPLINE help me build my own online store?

SHOPLINE is a DIY E-Commerce platform. Merchants can build an online store in minutes even if they don’t know how to program or code!
Designed with RWD (Responsive Web Design), SHOPLINE’s platform is suitable for any device and ensures that merchants can conveniently access their websites without the need to create a separate mobile web platform.

What’s the difference between SHOPLINE and other DIY E-Commerce platforms?

SHOPLINE provides easy-to-use tools for you to build your own branded online store complete with your own domain.
SHOPLINE does not charge transaction fees nor any hidden fees. We are committed in helping SMEs expand online.

Is SHOPLINE a free platform? How much do I have to pay?

SHOPLINE offers a 30-day free trial for all merchants. After the 30 days, merchants can choose either monthly or yearly subscription for their selected plans. We offer 3 plans for merchants to choose from depending on their respective needs. For more information, please refer to our pricing page.

How can I contact SHOPLINE support?

For questions related to your E-commerce platform, please click on the chatbox on the bottom right hand corner of our homepage to chat online with SHOPLINE support staff. Alternatively, please send us an email at