A selection of creative themes to choose from

Easy interface for unique shop design to for different devices
A wide variety of design themes
Shop design influenced customers’ first impression and purchase experience towards the shop. A classic and decent shop design attract your customers to stay longer and create more sales opportunity.

SHOPLINE provides a series of themes designed by professional designers, merchants can use different theme to match different products categories. Merchants only need a simple click to apply and preview the theme. Along with flexible adjustment and Page Editor, all merchants can have its own special store front.
More shop design features
Bilingual support: All pages SHOPLINE support Chinese and English interface

CSS editing: Merchants can use the backend CSS editing function to make changes to the Shop design. The CSS editing function ensures merchant can customize their online shop without being limited to pre-defined themes.
CSS editor for customizability
Page editor
In order to let merchants to design an unique storefront matching its own products, SHOPLINE’s Page Editor enable merchants to mix-and-match elements with simple drag-and-drop feature.
Merchants can create these elements on the page:
  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Category
  • Facebook
  • QRCode
  • Google Map
SHOPLINE themes for ecommerce
Responsive web design
There are more and more people using mobile devices to browse Internet. But it would so inconvenient to design and manage desktop and mobile versions separately, that’s why merchants need a responsive web design to manage the online store.

All SHOPLINE’s pages are Mobile Responsive Design, the interface will be adjusted according to different browsing designs.
image upload introduction