Smarter marketing with event trackers

Capturing data with event trackers to plan effective marketing strategies
Tracker settings
One of the benefits of creating an independent online store is that data collected from your online store can easily be analyzed and used. Whether you want to track website traffic, user behaviour or implement custom codes etc, these data cannot be retrieved from large e-commerce sites or physical stores.

SHOPLINE Merchants can install traffic tracking tools to retrieve important data. Google Analytics is the most common tool for website traffic analytics tool, helping merchants to analyze visitors’ source and behaviour. SHOPLINE support Google Analytics and its ecommerce tracking feature, you simply need to enter the relevant tool identification code in order to use the tool - no knowledge of programming is required!
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Custom code support
SHOPLINE supports Google Tag Manager so that merchants can access and use other third party tools or services ( such as other pop-up tools or online chat functions ) .
analytics reports
Website traffic analytical tool
Online ads is the main source for online shops, almost all online ads platform have its own tracking tools, enables merchants to track traffic and revenues from certain channels, and also create remarketing campaigns against the visitors.

SHOPLINE supports the main advertisement tracking tools, allowing merchants to view and and analyze the effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns:Google Adwords conversion tracking、Google remarketing、Facebook pixel、 Yahoo Gemini ( Native Ad ) tracking code、 Bing ads conversion tracking
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SEO optimization & traffic growth
Search engine optimization ( SEO ) feature for store pages and products allows customers to easily find your store and products by searching on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. This naturally increases traffic and sales.
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