Batch order management

Simple order management interface to help you quickly manage payment status and shipping status
Easy order management and modification
Every store owner wants to have lots of orders coming in everyday, but efficient order follow-up actions have to come along in order to satisfy customers. SHOPLINE enables merchants to batch edit and view orders. Merchants and customers will both receive notification email when order is submitted. Both parties will be able to track order delivery status online.
easy order management for merchants
Easily search for any order
It’s a hassle not being able to locate an important order. SHOPLINE’s order search feature makes it easy to find any order. Merchants may search for specific orders by Order Date, Customer Information, Order Numbers, or even Product Name.
easy order management for merchants
Effortless communication
A transparent and efficient communication system is essential to every successful transaction. SHOPLINE’s ‘Messages’ function lets you communicate more effectively with your customers.

Merchant and customer will both receive email notification when one party sends a message to another, helping to prevent messages from being missed.
chat window for efficient communication between merchants and customers
More order management features
Custom order detail field:you can create custom fields for customers to enter
Order activity record: order status will be automatically updated into order activity record for your reference
Order remark: you can add private remarks(text/pictures) on the order page, visible only to you