Easily manage your products anytime, anywhere

Intuitive-design interface for easy product management
Product upload and management
Product display is the core for any online shop. SHOPLINE understands that fast product uploading and managing are crucial to successful business. With SHOPLINE’s product setting function, you can easily manage a wide range of product details such as product image, description, category, color selection, and etc. SHOPLINE’s easy-to-use product upload function lets you batch upload as many as 100 products at once.
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Product categorization
A clear categorization of products lets you efficiently manage your products. At the same time shoppers can easily find products they are looking for, making their shopping experience more relaxing and enjoyable. SHOPLINE’s merchant backend platform provides product categorization function and batch categorizing function. You can easily change the order of product display or categorize products under sub-categories within a main category.
categorisation for SHOPLINE products
Inventory management
SHOPLINE understands that knowing your shop’s real-time inventory is an important part of day-to-day operation. You can use SHOPLINE’s inventory management function to examine stock availability. SHOPLINE’s system has merged inventory management and merchandise management functions, allow you to quickly identify products that are low in stock or out of stock, so you can restock in time accordingly.
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More product management features
Importing instagram photos as product photos

Allow customers to pre-order products

Front end inventory reminders: Let customers know this product is almost sold out
instagram bulk import feature for online shop