Custom domain to create your branded online shop

Unlimited traffic flexible management
Free custom domain
Regardless of what plan you choose, as a SHOPLINE merchant you can enjoy a unique custom domain free at your choice. If you already have your own domain, SHOPLINE can provide a one-time domain changing service for you at no cost.
custom domain
Staff setting
The SHOPLINE business plan allows free allocation of staff accounts, enabling the merchant to simultaneously create multiple staff accounts. The merchant can set limits to the staff access rights in every individual account. This flexibility is suitable to a variety of business models. Whether you hire employees to manage the store or co-manage the store with employees, this system ensures the operation is streamlined and organized.
multi-admin access to online store
Unlimited traffic
Regardless of the chosen plan, store traffic and store size, all customers can enjoy the same smooth browsing experience.
unlimited bandwidth
SSL certificated websites to assure your customer a safe shopping environment
SHOPLINE provides SSL certificate to all merchant websites, ensuring your customers are shopping in a secure environment.
security and privacy for shoppers
Amazon web services
SHOPLINE uses Amazon Web Services to provide secure cloud service for merchants with reliable data hosting.
AWS service provider