Everything you need to sell online

SHOPLINE provides a complete commerce solution and customised services to support businesses of all sizes to go online and go global.

  • Creating Your Online Store
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Payment and Logistics Services
  • Shop Design
  • Order Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Promotion Module
  • Marketing Tools
  • Data Analytics
  • Operational Management
  • Digital Ads
  • Multi-channels eCommerce
  • Cross-Border Business

Creating Your Online Store

Create a new website in just 5 minutes with simple, drag-n-drop design tools and over 20 design themes available

Creating Your Online Store
Add-on Modules
  • Custom Domain & SSL certificate

    You can choose a new domain name or connect your existing domain to the platform. All SHOPLINE stores are protected with SSL certificates for free, safeguarding your page content, transactions data and communication, credit card information by the same level of security used by banks.

  • On-page SEO

    To help merchants achieve a better SEO performance and drive organic traffic, we provide H1, H3 Tag and Alt Tag options. The system will also automatically create sitemap of your online store (sitemap.xml) , for search engines to crawl the website contents and easily to get higher ranking and visibility.

  • Responsive web design (RWD)

    All SHOPLINE designs are using Responsive Web Design (RWD), which smartly adapts to any devices including mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Alternatively, merchants can also opt for Adaptive Web Design (AWS) based on user intent and context.

  • Image Alt Tag

    You can setup or edit Image Alt Tag for Product, Add-ons item, Categories banner, Advanced pages and Express Checkout Pages (One Page Checkout). By describing the content of the image, it helps search engines to crawl the website content including images and improve the overall SEO performance of your store.

  • One Page Checkout

    You can build up to 10 pages of One Page Checkout, for your customers to finish the whole shopping process from reading your product info to checkout within one page. For this generation of consumers who often have shorter attention spans and always have their phones at hands, promoting selected products with this tool is an intuitive way to capture your consumers’ attention, simplifying complicated shopping cart steps and guiding them to checkout in the fastest way possible. Purchase additional function modules toenable Unlimited One Page Checkout.

  • Structured Data SEO

    Structured data are automatically generated for all the store using SHOPLINE. Structured data is a system of pairing a name with a value that helps search engines categorize and index your content, e.g product name, product description, price, and stock availability status to generate a better presentation in search result to attract users click to your store.

  • Hidden Product Page

    Only your targeted customers with direct page url can access to your hidden product and make purchase. Get creative and collaborate with influencers to promote exclusive items / special offer for a group of audiences with hidden product feature.

  • Blog

    With Blog feature, you can build and publish content around your brand and product offerings. We provide SEO setting and HTML snippets editor to optimize the content and improve SEO ranking according to the latest algorithm.

  • Image Gallery

    You can build your own image gallery and upload up to 30,000 pictures for each store. With image gallery, you can insert the photos directly from image gallery when you need to create a new product or update an old product, saves you the hassle of having to re-upload pictures every time for an update. Purchase additional functional modulesto upload up to 100,000 pictures.

Product Inventory Management

Best-in-class tools to help manage your products

Product Inventory Management
Add-on Modules
  • Product upload

    You can easily add new products by bulk-importing. With this feature, you can upload 100 products each time and each store can upload maximum 1,000 product items in total. The system also allows merchants to import product from Instagram. While uploading the products, you can edit the product information such as product handle, product name, valid image for main product photo, product description, price, quantity, and categories etc. Purchase additional functional modules to enable Unlimited Products Upload.

  • Inventory Out-of-Stock Reminder

    Merchants can now set "Inventory Out-of-Stock Reminder" for any products, and have the system to sends an "Inventory Out-of-Stock Report" at 8:00 am and 5:00 pm every day. Keep your product inventory in check.

  • Product Categorization

Merchants can categorize your products up to 3rd layer of categories as you want. (primary categories, sub-categories and third layer categories, which third layer categories can only be used in a few specific storefront themes only.) By assigning products into different categories, you can design and adjust the product display orders for one single or batch of items. More convenient for you to manage, and also more user-friendly for customers to explore.

  • Product Inventory Management

    SHOPLINE allows you to have full control of your inventory in admin panel, including Products, Add-on items and Free Gifts. Ranging from Product Status, SKU, Quantity to Update Inventory. You can also update the inventory and bulk-edit with just a few clicks, save time and resources!

  • Product availability schedule

    You can schedule when a particular product is ready to launch or only available for a period of time, our system will automatically publish the product live accordingly.

  • Add-on Items

    Add-on items is a great way to upsell your products! We also provide you with options to add Add-on items valid time and quantity limitation. An effective way to boost up your sale and increase revenue per order. You can assign up to 10 add-on products per store. Purchase additional functional modules to enable Unlimited Add-on Items.

  • Free Gifts

    Each store is able to set up to 10 free gift promotions. Our Free Gift features enable you to customize free gift requirements and promotional periods according to your marketing campaign. Purchase additional functional modules to enable Unlimited Free Gift

  • Hidden Products

    Have a product that's only exclusive for a targeted group of customer, with hidden product feature, the product will not be able to be found on the main site, only customers with the direct product page url can access to your hidden product and make purchase.

  • Product Variations and Pre-Order Products

    Set different variations for products, like sizes, colors and weight, our Pre-Order feature allows you to secure the payment from customers while getting your product ready, "Preorder Note" will be displayed under product price.

  • Product Review

    Reviews and ratings are a great tool to get instant feedback on your products from customers. On top of that, good reviews can create a buzz around your products and help improve the credibility and thus overall conversion.

Payment and Logistics Services

Support various integrated payment gateways and logistics systems needs by working with the most popular and best providers your customers want

Payment and Logistics Services
Add-on Modules
  • Online Credit Card Payment

    SHOPLINE supports international Payment Gateways where your customers can pay by VISA, MasterCard, JCB or even options for bank transfer.

  • Comprehensive Payment Gateways and e-Wallets options

    Apart from credit cards, SHOPLINE also integrated with international payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Asiapay.

  • Ninjavan Auto Delivery system

    Merchants can generate and print the Ninjavan waybills with just one-click at SHOPLINE admin panel once an order has been made. Save time and manpower to handle piles of waybills and updating shipping status, also reduce potential human errors when handwriting shipping info. Increase delivery efficiency and resources!

  • Logistic Partners Options

    Provide your customer options to pick their preferred delivery methods - be it Ninjavan or Janio, SHOPLINE have you covered.

  • Shipping charge Settings

    The system allows merchants to set up their stores' shipping charge with much more flexibility, you can either set up fixed delivery fee or delivery fee by weight. Delivery Option by countries/ regions can also be added.

Shop Design

Ready-to-use shop design themes to create a modern and chic storefront

Shop Design
Add-on Modules
  • Professional storefront designs

    SHOPLINE offers a wide range of Responsive web design themes that are suited for different brands and industries and can be easily customized to bring out your unique brand tone, personalities and style.

  • Instant add to cart

    With these features, customers can easily add products to the shopping cart without going to the product page, and customers can continue browsing on the same page for a better online shopping experience.

  • Drag and Drop design tool

    Using SHOPLINE’s advanced page layout editor, you can design different layouts for campaign pages, landing pages, product pages easily, using our “drag-and-drop” tool. Advance customization can also be made using CSS and HTML.

  • Form Builder

    The Forms Builder allows merchants to collect their customers' information and feedback for analysis. For examples, you can create a form to invite your customers to try your new products, join your events, leave a feedback for your new products etc.

  • Layout Engine

    Customize your store from the ground up? Layout Engine allows you to modify the shop layout by front-end programming languages, for example, HTML/ CSS/ Javascript etc.

  • Facebook Comments Setting

    Customers can comment on the Product Page using their Facebook account directly and share their comment with their friends on Facebook as well.

  • Product Variations with Image or Text

    Merchants can set up product variation options with image or text. e.g image options would work well with variation such as colors/ prints, allowing merchants to easily distinguish the options, while variations like sizes, number based options, would work well using text.

Order Management

Control everything from a single platform with centralized inventory, order management, and pricing

Order Management
Add-on Modules
  • Order Management System

    Manage all the orders in an clean and organized manner, search and find an order easily with filter such as order number, customer name, contact details, the date of order or product name etc, you can also add multiple filters for a more refined search

  • Splitting order

    Merchants can split a single order into parent order and child order when managing order status in the backend. No more cancelling orders or requesting customers to place order again when a certain product is out of stock, or has delay in shipping, you can smoothly complete order shipment, reduce costs of communication and speed up your workflow!

  • Order Report

    Create your own order report by customizing the fields such as stock picking list, order invoice, packing slip etc. You can also select fields that you want to review and organize. The system will record the settings of last export and set as default for next export.

  • Create Order in Admin

    You can create an order easily in the backend for a customer, and send the order link via instant messaging tool like Whatsapp / FB messenger directly to the customer to check out and complete the purchase.

  • Manage Return

    Simply create a return order for the specific product and send a message to notify your customer and complete the process without hassle

  • Order Report & UTM Tracking

    Merchants can see the results of marketing campaigns with UTM parameters in both Google Analytics and SHOPLINE platform. UTM parameters can be exported together with order and customer reports in SHOPLINE. These help merchants manage the marketing review for the targeting efficiencies.

  • Cancel Order

    Merchants can manage the requests from Order Management, all the details of the order can also be recorded such as reason of cancellation, order status, order number and remarks.

  • SMS pick-up reminder

    You update your customer the order status and pick up reminder via SMS, which can effectively improve the parcel collection rate and provide added service for your customer.

  • Abandoned Cart Email

    If customers logged in to the shop and added items to cart but didn't checkout successfully for over 24 hour, the system would send an reminder email to the customers and encourage them return to the shop and complete the purchase!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Build your customer database, grow repeat business and establish a lasting brand loyalty

Add-on Modules
  • Customer Relationship Management

    Set up a loyalty program with customizable membership tierings and tags, with information recorded such as customer spending, membership tiering, members store credit, customer information and membership tier. Turn one-time customers into loyal fans with special deals that only unlock with repeat purchases.

  • Wishlist Feature

    Customers can add their favourite products, pre-order products or sold-out products to wishlist, they can check or edit their wishlist from the member center anytime to move these products to shopping cart when they are ready to make the purchase. Add-on Modules: Automation and Remarketing

  • Bulk import and export of customer data

    Customer data and information can be imported and synced across different channels within SHOPLINE admin panel (i.e POS, Social commerce). You can also export customer reports with custom fields for operational analysis and marketing campaign.

  • Product Reviews

    Reviews and ratings are a great tool to get instant feedback on your products from customers. On top of that, good reviews can create a buzz around your products and help improve the credibility and thus overall conversion. Add-on Modules: CRM - Credits

  • Membership Tier and Exclusive Price

    Create your own loyalty program and reward your followers and customers! SHOPLINE provides a flexible 5 tiers - membership system, where you can design members tier requirements and set exclusive VIP offers. Customers earn loyalty on every qualifying purchase, or even their birthday and can redeem it in the future. Add-on Modules: CRM-Membership

  • Store Credits

    Merchants can create different promotional campaigns with discount incentives to maximise their sales and profit. For example, you can provide welcome credits, birthday credits, or even reward credits upon minimum order purchase, to encourage your members to shop more! Add-on Modules: CRM - Credits

  • Membership Upgrade Reminder

    The “Member Upgrade Reminder” reminds customers on how close they are to the next member tier and encourage further spending to achieve another tiering. Store administrator can also review the upgrade status of a particular customer on Customer Management section. Add-on Modules: CRM - Membership

  • Member Points

    Encourage repeat purchase by giving points to your members and for them to redeem gifts! Member points function are useful to encourage purchase frequency and drive revenue per order. Add-on Modules: CRM - Credits

  • Back in Stock Notification

    With the "back in stock notification" function, customer can subscribe to a sold-out product and receive an email notification when the product is replenished. The system will automatically send the reminder notification to reduce customer churn rate. Add-on Modules: Automation and Remarketing

  • Membership login through Email, Mobile, Facebook

    Customer can create an account with their email address or mobile or via a facebook account.

Promotion Module

Free shipping is a useful promotional tactics to encourage purchase. There are various free shipping promotion options merchant can set from SHOPLINE backend, such as free-shipping for all, free-shipping on orders over a certain amount, items or only for selected products etc.

Add-on Modules
  • Free Shipping

    Free shipping is a useful promotional tactics to encourage purchase. There are various free shipping promotion options merchant can set from SHOPLINE backend, such as free-shipping for all, free-shipping on orders over a certain amount, items or only for selected products etc.

  • Free Gifts Promotion

    You can create different types of free gift campaign, such as free gift on total order over a minimum amount, items quantity or exclusively for member only.

  • Discount Promotion

    Discount promotional campaign is the most common strategy to boost sales, you can create different promotional campaigns with Discount incentives to maximize sales and profit, by using discount percentage or discount amount off with minimum total order purchase.

  • Shopping Cart Add-on Items

    Increase products exposure through the promotional feature of shopping cart add-on items for upselling or cross selling, especially for product that is on sales, hot items, and product clearance. By setting up this feature, customer can view and add add-on items in the shopping cart right before they checkout. This is the function of promotion module

  • Bundle Price

    “Bundle Pricing” and "Bundle Group Pricing” to suggest customer to purchase a product bundle instead of just a single product. You can set rules such as discount for A+B product bundle or any 3 of a certain product group etc. This is the function of promotion module

  • Manage multiple promo codes

    When a store has multiple promotion campaigns running at the same period of time, to avoid duplicated calculation of discounts, you can set up one specific set of promotion code instead of scattered promotions and the shopping cart will only allow one coupon code to be applied each time.

  • Affiliate Campaign

    Generating unique affiliate promotion code for your affiliate marketing campaign! When customers purchase through specific link or affiliate code, the system will automatically record and generate the sales report for you to review the campaign performance and calculate commissions. This is the function of Promotion module

  • Store Credits

    Merchants can create different promotional campaigns with discount incentives to maximise their sales and profit. For example, you can provide welcome credits, birthday credits, or even reward credits upon minimum order purchase, to encourage your members to shop more! Add-on Modules: CRM - Credits

  • Exclude product

    Want to keep the balance between the sales profits and promotional cost? You can exclude certain products from a storewide discount promotion.

Marketing Tools

Create, manage, and track digital marketing campaigns all from your SHOPLINE dashboard

Marketing Tools
Add-on Modules
  • Facebook Business Extension

    With Facebook Business Extension, you can integrate Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Page, Ad Account, Facebook Pixel, Instagram Business Account, and Products together. You can also sync products to Facebook Store page store.

  • Google Ads Tracker

    Merchants can use Google Ads to create a variety of advertising formats and channels to get more brand exposure and search for potential customers. We have already integrated Google Ads conversion tracker to your shop’s admin panel though simple steps setting up the integration.

  • Facebook messenger / Whatsapp Plugin

    Your customers can send instant messages to your messenger or whatsapp number with a click of a button.

  • Google Remarketing Tag Setup

    After installing the Google Remarketing Tracking ID, Google Ads will automatically generate a remarketing data of customers who have visited the shop. Merchants can then build remarketing campaigns targeted for this remarketing list of customers to increase the return and conversion rate.

  • Broadcast Center

    Centralized message platform to manage all inbound messages from SHOPLINE store, orders enquiries, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook comments all at one place. This is the function of the automation and remarketing module

  • Google Tag Management Tool

    Use the Google Tag Manager code management tool to add plugins such as Pop-up banners, instant chat channels etc.

  • Google Analytics Tracking Tool

    Merchants can quickly link the shop with Google Analytics account by simple steps. You just have to copy and paste the GA tracking ID to the stop admin panel to complete the settings. With GA's advance e-commerce function, you will be able to keep track of the full conversion funnels with advance metrics.

  • Bing and Yahoo Ad Tracking

    Be able to track conversions from your advertisement on Bing and Yahoo search engines, better manage your ad performance by setting up conversion trackers for both.

  • Facebook Pixel

    Facebook Pixel can be created and connected with your shop by enabling Facebook Business Extension. For conversion tracking, optimization and remarketing, Facebook pixel is one of the important tools to boost the conversion and strengthen the ads performances.

Data Analytics

Real-time data analytics and business metrics of your store, enabling you to make sound business decisions based on data

Data Analytics
Add-on Modules
  • Store Performance Overview

    Performance overview allows you to capture real-time data, including daily store traffic, total sales, total orders, number of member registration, unread comments, unshipped orders and unpaid orders. Daily top ranked products and other important figures are also shown to let you understand the whole picture in just a glance.

  • Orders Report

    You can quickly view the performances of different products, together with the built-in “Product Analysis Report” in Shoplytics to view top selling products, sales performance, individual product sales and other advanced data.

  • Shoplytics

    Shoplytics is a powerful data analytics and visualization platform by SHOPLINE. It generates multi-faceted analytics including Sales Overview, Product, Customer, Orders to help merchants understand shop's performance, do in depth analysis and gain insight into your store's growth. Add-on Modules: Shoplytics (Pro) to get advanced data reports

  • Product Inventory Report

    Merchants can review every details of product inventory by exporting product inventory reports, including products name, variations, inventories, sales number, SKU and price.

  • Reports on Specific Segments

    Shoplytics can create reports on specific segments in real-time, great for marketing campaign monitoring, reports can be easily exported with just a click. Add-on Modules: Shoplytics (Pro) to get advanced data reports

  • Exporting Report

    To cater the needs of store operation, you can export various reports by days or specified date range.

Operational Management

Comprehensive admin account authority management and customer login verification help to protect the information security of your store.

Add-on Modules
  • Multiple Admin accounts

    Each store is entitled to one Manager level access account and five store admin access accounts. Store admin access role can be adjusted with specific sets of permissions / data that they can have access to. Add-on Modules for Staff Management

  • Manage login IP location

    Store manager with the highest admin access can set a specific login IP address administrator to regulate the use time and login location, each employee can only login to the backend of the system through this specific set of IP to ensure information security. Add-on Modules: Staff Management

  • Admin Access

    You can grant different levels of admin access according to the team operational needs. All changes made by different accounts on the platform will be recorded for easy trace back and added security.

  • Customer Email Registration and Login Verification

    With this function, customers will receive a verification email once they registered online.

  • Two-factor authentication for admin

    Two-factor authentication helps to enforce information security in your admin. Once it’s enabled, the system will send a verification code to the account owner via email during the logging process. The account owner must put the correct email address, password along with the correct verification code within a limited time.

  • Google reCAPTCHA registration verification

    To avoid accounts created by robots, which affects store operations and information security, we provide Google reCAPTCHA login verification function to block malicious registration.

  • Customer mobile phone registration

    By turning on the mobile phone registration features, customers can use mobile number to sign up an account. A verification code will be sent to the customer's number to completes the verification, and merchants can review the process from customer management within the admin panel.

Digital Ads

Promote your business has never been easier. Google advertising, Facebook advertising and more.

  • Google Ads Plan

    Help customers find your products on Google search, Youtube and beyond with Google Smart Shopping campaigns! SHOPLINE has a team of Google ads certified professionals to help you plan, execute, monitor and optimize your advertising campaign to boost brand awareness and conversions.

  • Facebook Ads Plan

    Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Dynamic Product Ads and more, our certified advertising professionals can help you set up and manage your facebook ads!

  • Smart Ads System

    With a few clicks, SHOPLINE ads system will automatically create ads for your customers, so you can manage less and sell more. Our machine learning AI system will be able to help you find your next potential best selling products to promote, automatically turn off underperforming ads campaign or when a product is out of stock for maximal ROAS. Additional Ads credit deposit is needed for Smart Ads System, click here to learn more.

Multi-channels eCommerce

Powerful multi-channels commerce solutions in one platform

Multi-channels eCommerce
Add-on Modules
  • Kiosk O2O - Member Integration Tool

    With SHOPLINE Kiosk, your customers can sign-up for membership in just 3 seconds, all the customer information are synced on our SHOPLINE platform. Kiosk is particularly suitable for pop up stores, flash sales events, or promotions that aim to drive members sign-ups. Add-on Modules: CRM-Membership

  • Facebook page Integration

    SHOPLINE provide the built-in tool for you to connect your store to Facebook Page, allowing customers to quickly sign-up for membership via Facebook Account and receive order notification via Facebook Messenger.

  • Open API

    The highly scalable system architecture can open up API docking permissions including ERP system, CRM tools, inventory management system etc., as well as documentation support for related technical integration.

  • O2O integration

    If you have both an online store and a retail store using SHOPLINE POS, all customer information, members details, order history, and product inventory are synced across channels. Shoplytics provides business metrics data report across channels , view and control everything from a single platform.

Cross-Border Business

Ready to go global? As a Meta Business Partner, we provides operational and promotional services and support to drive merchants' cross border businesses

Add-on Modules
  • Multi-currency

    SHOPLINE supports 18 currencies for merchants to provide international customers to browse and shop with their currencies.

  • Taxes Setting

    Taxes might occur when doing cross border business. You may need to collect taxes when a product is sold, declare and pay back to the government. You can make use of our "Taxes Setting" feature to handle the most common VAT calculation.

  • Storefront available in multiple languages

    Support multiple languages on your storefront, such as English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, French, German, Japanese, etc.

  • Logistic Integration

    SHOPLINE partners with international and local delivery service companies, our professional cross border business team will also be able to give you recommendations on delivery options.

  • Admin panel in multiple languages

    SHOPLINE admin panel supports multiple languages such as English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai, etc., allow international team members to easily navigate, collaborate and manage.

  • International payment gateways

    SHOPLINE supports international payment gateways, such as Paypal/ Stripe / RazerPay, with various payment options such as credit card, bank transfer, Cash On Delivery.