Comprehensive customer management system

SHOPLINE provides a comprehensive system for convenient management of customer data
Comprehensive customer management system
Customers are the most valuable assets of any store. To be able to securely and conveniently manage customer data is essential to effective shop management and marketing campaigns.
membership tiers for customers
Importing customer information
Many merchants have already accumulated a member or customer database before joining SHOPLINE. SHOPLINE offers easy batch importing of database for convenient customer management.
customer import function
Exporting customer information
SHOPLINE’s Customer Information Export feature can help you export and analyze customer and member data. Merchants can easily identify members who have received promotional material and shopped discounted items to perform re-marketing and offer more discounts or shopping incentives.
customer analytics
Enable customer login through Facebook
Merchants can add a Facebook login option to their online store homepage. The convenience of Facebook login option let customers begin shopping right away, without having to create a new login/password for your shop.
1-click login via facebook integration
More Customer Management features:

Custom field for customer data collection

As the last step before check-out, merchants can ask customers to leave personal information for future marketing and promotional use.

Batch management of customer data

Merchants can view and manage customer information of those who have purchased or left messages in the shop.

Customer query notifications

Customers can contact the merchant anytime via the ‘contact us’ button on the top-right corner of the online store. The merchant will receive an immediate email notification, so does the customer as soon as the merchant replies to the message.

Customer blacklist

SHOPLINE merchants have full control over unruly customers who abuse store policies by placing fake/multiple orders but never completing the payment process. SHOPLINE’s ”Customer Blacklisting Feature” that allows merchants to manually blacklist bad customers.