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Merchant Story

Running street stalls has a lot of limitations. For example, bad weather creates so much inconvenience and would greatly affect our sales. As the rent in Hong Kong is so expensive, selling online becomes the logical choice. The reason we picked SHOPLINE is because SHOPLINE is an Asia-based e-commerce solution provider. It is a startup originated from Hong Kong which fits with Lemon King's image.

SHOPLINE has all the core features that would be needed to run a online shop. Its admin panel is simple and easy to use, which is important for SMEs like us who don't have extra resources and knowledge in creating an online shop. We can shift our focus back to running and expanding our own business.

Stephen, Third Generation Lemon King

Merchant Story

SHOPLINE's platform provides a comprehensive online shop solution that fits all our requirements. The costs of setting up an online shop is high, so we rather select a well-known e-commerce platform that could help us handle all the issues. Online shopping itself has certain risks involved, so selecting a platform with good reputation gives us better credentials than selling on a simple and badly designed website.

What I love most about SHOPLINE is their customer service. They respond quickly and are very supportive. I never expected someone would be teaching us how to run an online shop or help us fixing the bugs on our website, but SHOPLINE has given us substantial support in these areas.

Carlsen & Kahei, Founders

Merchant Story

What Durex likes about SHOPLINE is their "end-to-end" customer management system. Compared to a physical outlet where we usually can only collect simple sales data, we can gather a lot more information on our online shop, such as customers' shopping trend, spending behavior, amount of time stayed on our site, their age, gender and so on.

With a good CRM, SHOPLINE allows us to access customers information more easily, enables us to create tailor-made sales promotion for each customer, such as birthday coupons, cumulative shopping benefits, member benefits, etc. It keep us engaged with our customers. There are times customers will speak to us direcly through the messaging system in SHOPLINE and tell us they are looking for some "fun and interesting products.

Ashish, Director of Sales

Merchant Story

At iDebug, we sell our products at a very reasonable price, hence we must utilize the opportunity of online selling to relieve the economic pressure of renting physical shop. As a SME, we don't have much IT resources, that's why we have chosen to open our online shop at SHOPLINE, whom also provided us support to start our online advertisement campaign on Google AdWords.

In 2017, I saw some new Google ads online that come with photos. I asked SHOPLINE if I can do the same thing, but since it is a beta test I could not try that at the moment. Soon after that SHOPLINE contacted me and said they talked to Google and decided to add me to the beta list. This was exceptionally impressive as they listen to users and are willing to integrate new features for merchants.

Herbert, Founder

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